Professional Cloud Solutions

The cloud system was designed for the future
by moving your projects to a strong cloud infrastructure like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud we provide you with professional services.
Are you ready to compete on a global level ?

Google Cloud Platform

We offer experience, and diverse Google Cloud technologys and thanks to our partners specialist solutions as well. Every solution is flexible by purpose therefore this translates to value for money.
We are ready to assist you in your Cloud journey…

Amazon Web Services

Embracing AWS Cloud Systems can provide you with long lasting business advantages. It can add special skills and experiences to your team. AWS professional services organization AWS Cloud is a highly skilled specialist team that is prepared to assist you and your business goals. Our team suggest specific solutions to achieve your goals. We guide you through different solutions, and and different technologies that spans wide into different industries.

Alibaba Cloud

We have dedicated ourselves to help and assist when using and to help build a long lasting business venture. ALIBABA. COM support is comprised of highly professional B2B specialists, by adding special service solutions we make sure that your first steps into is of the highest quality.

We erase any doubts which may arise, we are coaching you all the way and we go as far as giving suggestions on which products to promote on your digital shopping window.

Company websites in the cloud system
It is a challenge for company’s and brands to reach a more and more complex segment of customers, a customer segment that is always online and active. Companies that don’t evolve in the cloud system will find competition popping up and competing against your interests. At the moment big companies are in the process of switching to the cloud system. Now is the time for your company to step up and connect to many of the advantages the cloud system brings. Very Wide cableband, quick response, server lokations at different places means you have reliable speed when you need it.

E-Commerce in the Cloud Services
Scaling according to customer demand. Nowadays customers control there own time of choosing, they prefer to access the sites they are interested in from multiple different devices and that can happen any given moment they prefer. Companies who cannot adapt to these unpredictable events will loose customers and demage there own brands. Regardless of your customer base is in thousands or millions.

Your success is our goal