E-commerce Site on Google Cloud

Smart webshop thanks to Google infrastructure
Individually tailored Google analytics

This feature is extremely importent to measure the history of the customer, the length of the buying process, the proces of creating add on products and last but least creating a long lasting relationship with the customers. For this purpose big company’s are mining the data to benefit from any data collected, and they invest extra money into infrastructure supporting this activity. Data mining has been an big priority for Google for a long time. Companies who switch to Google Cloud system will benefit hugely from there technology and experience. Therefore companies can quickly react to the customers behavior and be able to provide a better service.

Protect your privacy

When shopping its important that the customers feel safe therefore end to end protection is important.
This is achieved with Googles own credit card payment industry PCI and data protection standards DSS. There is also other protective measures which are easy integrated with advanced features. Google has a vast experience in managing the most pupular digital applications online and protecting them and there privacy. Therefore the cloud system is the most suitable platform for brands and there customers.

Easy solutions for webshops

By using the cloud launcher you can with a few steps manage the likes of open cart, Magento WordPress. Do your work with fast and efficient CMS system and manage your development with CRM solutions.

Google Cloud platform has features that are easy to manage webshop sites and there analytics and the infrastructure to provide these services for big data. Even if you have big data operations in-house. It is very easy to benefit from the cloud system and integrate it and there is several different ways you can do that. You can pick and choose the Google services you want and find the best solution for your business.


Reaching the right customers with personalization and appropriate metrics are the main challenges for sellers and brands trying to reach their customers who use the internet frequently and who are always online. Competitors quickly come across brands that cannot improve themselves in e-commerce. Today, large commercial companies and e-commerce businesses have started to quickly switch to cloud technology. With Google’s global infrastructure, you can benefit from advanced analytics that offer unique scaling and accurate personalization to your e-commerce company.


Today, customers do their interactions at the appropriate time and time slot. They want to be able to instantly browse the images and videos they prefer from the devices they use at any time of the day. Companies that do not scale the load distribution well are losing revenue and customers, and also harming their brands. Whether your number of customers is expressed in thousands or tens of millions, Google Cloud Platform scales effectively to meet your instant demand and automatically provides you with demand increases and decreases.


With Google Cloud Platform, it offers services that can easily manage the basic infrastructure on the internet today, such as transaction, storage and big data analysis that can handle all smart e-commerce workloads. Even if your on-premises operation is massive, there are many ways to make the cloud a part of your business by connecting your infrastructure to Google’s infrastructure. Use Google’s native cloud services or combine various ways with your existing systems to create the solution that best suits your business.


A thorough understanding of the customer’s current and past purchasing processes; Measuring customer interest is fundamental to increasing engagement, successfully selling other products, and more importantly, building long-term customer relationships. Large enterprises take advantage of data mining features and spend additional infrastructure costs while doing them. Data mining has been one of Google’s main areas of interest for many years. Customers using Google Cloud Platform benefit from Google’s technology and experience in this field. Thus, you can provide better service by performing high-speed queries on customer behavior.


Take advantage of the cloud systems infrastructure and services designed to help the end consumer.


Increase your speed with high bandwidth, low latency and servers in different locations.


With the sites we build, we design sites where your customers can find what they are looking for in the most comfortable way.


The infrastructure used will support your projects now and into the future.


Modern design and esthetics and functionality is importent and already integrated.

Strong security

It networks and infrastructure are secured and constantly protected and updated by the best experts in the field.

Google APIs

Thanks to Google API we are servicing and managing in a secure way our API network.


With the automatic data scaling programs you will be ready for any increase in demand.


We are providing you with correct and precise reports about any activity that origins from your site.

E-commerce Site on Google Cloud